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Get logs from ControlSuite

How to get the logs from ControlSuite

Below is the location of the logs during the installation and configuration phase:

  • Install assistant:[where install assistant has been extracted to]\Logs 
  • Configuration assistant: C:\ProgramData\Nuance\ControlSuite\Logs 
  • Licensing: C:\ProgramData\Nuance\NDI\Licensing 
  • ControlSuite shared services: c:\programdata\nuance\"shared services folders"\logs *enable in the \settings folders, lower case letters! 

Below is the location of the logs for each component in ControlSuite

  • Autostore 8: C:\Program Files\Nuance\AutoStore\Log
  • Ricoh DRS install logs: C:\Program Files\Nuance\Device Registration Service\Service\Plugins\RXOP-SOP\CLITools\logs + in DRS installation folder\logs 

  • Equitrac 6: Enter this url in a browser on the server: https://localhost/EQWebClient
    Go to: Diagnostics > Trace Settings
    Under Trace Settings: Clear File Contents
    Under Trace Settings: Edit Trace File Settings
    Set to: Custom w. Journaling and Immediate Flush
    Re-create the issue
    Under Trace Settings: Download Logs
    Under Trace Settings > Edit Trace File Settings: Set to Standard

  • Output Manager:

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